Nine Cannabis and CBD Gifts Mom Will Love

Nine Cannabis and CBD Gifts Mom Will Love

More is expected of the modern mother than ever before. Women have proven that they can do it all: raise children, manage households, care for their husbands, maintain social lives, and engage in exercise routines while working full-time. This new idea of ​​what success looks like is almost impossible to achieve, but mothers find a way to achieve it. In some cases, it’s because we want to. Sometimes, it’s because we have no choice. Whichever category mom falls into, she can certainly benefit from healthy routines and self-care—they’re essential to relieving stress and anxiety and moving through life with more grace and enjoyment.

It makes sense that more women than ever are trying cannabis, and that includes moms. As stigma diminishes and cannabis shopping experiences and products become more female-friendly, there are more and more reasons to experiment with different cannabis and CBD offerings. This Mother’s Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cannabis and CBD gifts for mom to make her feel better, feel special, and look like the best version of herself.

024 cannabis candles

024 Forbidden fruit candle

024 Founder and CEO Gena Surphlis is a mom, successful entrepreneur, fragrance expert, and trusted medical cannabis advocate. Committed to breaking the stigma of the plant, she was inspired to launch the company after her son who has sickle cell anemia and uses cannabis to treat his pain naturally. He was sensitive to the smell of weed and wanted to consume without the judgment of others. The home fragrance brand 024 was born from this desire.

Designed by world-class perfumers, these advanced science candles use patented NeuAir™ technology that targets and neutralizes cannabis molecules in the air and replaces them with specially formulated enticing and immersive fragrances. Three different fragrances are available, including:

  • Cannatonic: smoky cedar wood, Haitian vetiver and creamy leather

indoor plant pebble matches strike

Indoor plant pebble strike

The mission of Seth Rogen’s Houseplant brand matches perfectly with our love of efficiency and class. The brand aims to create functional art objects that bring ease to our lives so we can spend more time enjoying what we love. This pebble strike looks like two stones stacked on top of each other, adding a bit of zen to your space. The decorative object is also a matchstick, a match holder and an ashtray.

autumn brands bath crystals

Bath crystals from autumn brands

These new soothing effervescent bath crystals from Autumn Brands’ “now melt” line are infused with 1,000 mg of THC from their sun-grown California cannabis farm. The combination of cannabis and CBD plus magnesium and essential oils gives you all the pleasant sensations so you can relax and refocus, both mentally and physically. Choose from scents of lavender or jasmine, both mixed with earthy notes of sandalwood and seductive rose.

medicinal magic balm

Lookout & Wonderland: Magic Medicinal Balm

The founders of Lookout & Wonderland, Niki and Yusuke Tsukamoto, are artists who live in the woods above Los Angeles. Their business began in 2005 as a space for radical ideation and collaborative creation. They look beyond traditional ideas of art and design and, through their work, aim to raise awareness of the need for community care, sustainable living and pathways to global health and well-being. Its products range from

After years of testing and research, Lookout & Wonderland has launched their new personal skin balm packed with herbs, plant oils and CBD. Each jar contains a combination of vulnerary (skin healing) herbs and moisturizers, emollient oils and 500mg of CBD to help build and maintain a healthy skin barrier and provide relief. Use a small amount for beauty/skin concerns and a little more for skin and pain concerns. You can find more details about the medicinal benefits of these ingredients on their website.

Foria's pleasure package

Frenzy Melt Into Pleasure Package

This brand needs little introduction. Foria Wellness has been dominating the women’s sexual health and wellness space since it burst onto the scene in 2014. In fact, you could say they defined the genre. Based on the belief that pleasure and connection lie at the heart of true well-being, Foria offers a wide range of female-focused intimate products that do what they say they will.

Foria’s Melt Into Pleasure package celebrates sensuality. Perfect for Mother’s Day, the package includes a 1 oz. bottle of their cult-favorite Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD, plus a 4-pack of easy-to-use intimates that enhance arousal and ease discomfort. Get bigger orgasms faster. Explore new dimensions with the hot mom in your life! Foria is currently running a Mother’s Day special where you get a free 2-pack of Vibrance Melts with any $50 purchase through May 8th. Bonus: You can get fast, free shipping from Amazon Prime.

Edie Parker lighter bag

Edie Parker Slim Jean light bag

If you’re not yet a smoker, Edie Parker products give you enough reasons to become one. Cannabis storage meets high fashion with the Slim Jean Lighter Bag, available in confetti gold and silver. Inspired by the vintage clutches of the past, the Slim Jean Lighter is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the United States from 100% hand-poured acrylic. This party bag is not only stylish, but also functional. Inside there is an interior mirror and a dedicated lighter holder that you can also access when the bag is closed. A magnetic closure makes this coveted bag super easy to open.

Cosmic view Sun and moon honey sweets

Cosmic View was founded by a scientist mother and cancer survivor daughter. Their best-selling holistic products are formulated with science and traditional herbal wisdom. All products feature sun-grown cannabis from Moon Made Farms and are handcrafted at Cosmic Views’ NorCal facility with proprietary herbal infusions and local EVOO.

From tinctures and topicals, to lollipops and candies, you really can’t go wrong. Their Moons and Suns Honey THC Sweets caught our eye and we think they are perfect for mom to enjoy as a suckable treat or to add to a cup of tea! Moons Honey candies contain 5mg of THC and are perfect for relaxing. The lower dose Suns Honey Sweets have a 1:1 ratio with 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD, making them a lively addition to your day.

haute confectionary gummies

High-dose low-confectionery gummies

Alta Confiteria stands out as an edible brand that you can enjoy without accidentally overindulging. All gummies are micro-dosed for a predictable experience and a buildable buzz. With weed candy tasting so good these days, it can be hard not to have a full one (or more than one). Alta Confiteria is solving this problem! Plus, these gummies feature quality ingredients you can feel good about, including full-spectrum hemp, real fruit flavors, natural sugar, and vegan pectin. For moms who enjoy the effects of cannabis, but don’t like smoking, High Confectionary edibles are the way to go.

Pax Era Vape Pen

PAX Era Vape Pen

Last but not least on our list is the Pax Era Vape Pen. While there are many solid vape pens on the market, this one stands out as one that mom will really like because of its ease of use, smooth hits, fun bright colors, and brand recognition. Era’s new anti-clogging feature works automatically to break up and prevent blockages. Simply insert your pod and let the device do the rest. Customize your experience and your device with 4 different settings + engraving options and 6 color options.

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