How to Use CBD for Pain Relief

One of the latest health trends that people are buzzing about is the medicinal use of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD offers a number of amazing health benefits, from relieving stress and anxiety, to managing depression and mood disorders. But the effects of this powerful plant extract extend far beyond mental wellbeing—it can improve your physical health, as well.

Today’s post discusses the variety of ways you can use CBD, a chemical compound found in cannabis plants, to relieve chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, multiple sclerosis, the side effects of cancer treatment, and more.

CBD-Infused Food and Beverages

A lot of people have initial misconceptions about CBD when first learning about its use. They tend to equate CBD to THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that causes consumers to feel inebriated when smoked. However, CBD doesn’t make you feel “high” nor do you have to inhale it to receive its benefits—you can simply eat or drink the naturally occurring compound when infused with food or beverage.

You can cook with it yourself at home, but there’s always CBD gummies for a fast, easy, and delicious dose. Edible CBD offers a number of distinct benefits when compared to other forms of treatment:

  • They’re discreet. Those concerned with the negative image associated with cannabis culture can avoid public scrutiny with edibles that are easy to carry around.
  • They have minimal side effects. Whereas smoking CBD flower might make you cough or inhale butane, edibles spare your lungs. When compared to traditional pharmaceuticals that are frequently used for pain relief, CBD offers an all-natural solution that does not lead to liver damage, stomach ulcers, or habit-forming dependencies.
  • They’re easy to dose. Other methods of consumption may require you to measure precise doses, which may vary based on the concentration strength. Edibles are pre-dosed, usually in 10 or 15mg pieces, so you can take one or two and know exactly how much you’re putting in your body.
  • They’re long-lasting. Vaping CBD, for example, might wear off after one or two hours, but when you consume the compound, it needs to be processed before it reaches your bloodstream and takes effect—which may take a while. Edibles usually need at least 45 minutes to kick in, but once they do, you can enjoy the effects for as long as six hours.

Did we mention they’re also incredibly tasty with all sorts of flavors you can choose from? If you have a sweet tooth, this is a win in itself, not to mention the pain relief you’ll also enjoy.

CBD Oil Extracts

CBD oil is also a very popular method of chronic pain management. The concentrated oil extract is usually much stronger than their edible counterparts, which makes it a great choice for those experiencing severe treatments. You can place a few drops beneath your tongue so it’s readily absorbed in your bloodstream for fast-acting relief.

It’s worth noting, however, that not all CBD oils are one-and-the-same. The strength of the formula varies by manufacturer; always look at the total amount of milligrams contained within a bottle to determine exactly how many servings you need per dose.

(Note: One drop from a vial typically equates to 1ml, so a 30ml that contains 150mg of CBD would equal 5mg per drop)

CBD Topical Salves

You can also soothe pain using CBD through topical applications. Similar to how products like IcyHot that address inflammation rooted deep within muscle tissue, CBD salves absorb into the skin to achieve the same result—minus the exposure to harsh chemicals that can aggravate sensitive skin, burn eyes upon contact, and leave behind a strong smell.

There are all sorts of medicated gels, body lotions, ointments and more that are infused with CBD oil for an all-natural alternative. Be sure to read the product description before any potential purchase to ensure it’s organic and ethically sourced.

CBD Soaps and Bath Soaks

Another form of topical treatment is through the use of CBD soaps and soaks. You can upgrade your bath experience with these products to soothe aching pain, relax your body, and calm your mind. This delivers benefits across the board, especially when combined with aromatherapy in the form of essential oils.

Try one treatment or try them all; you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel using the power of holistic plant medicine.


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Title: How to Use CBD for Pain Relief
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