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An established Donegal coffee company is diversifying following an unprecedented demand for tea and coffee products with CBD oil.

The Wooden Brew Coffee Shop is already a very successful brand in its own right in the Northwest.

Headquartered in Tooban, Burnfoot is proud of the “very good coffee” of having hit the coffee scene hard last year.

Needless to say, because of its amazing coffee and delicious treats, it is still here while some of its competitors may have left the market.

Now, Wooden Brew owners are launching a new product that will approach the local coffee market.

The Wooden Brew in Tooban, Burnfoot

Supplied by Hempful, Wooden Brew now offers a new CBD coffee that is infused with 1 mg per 1 gram of coffee.

Coffee is selling exceptionally well at its base in Tooban and already five more coffee trailers are looking to have Wooden Brew’s new coffee blend on their menus.

Wooden Brew supplier Hempful started 2016 with all-oil aerosols and uses full-spectrum CBD that comes directly from Croatia.

When researching the composition of the new CBD coffee product, Wooden Brew wanted locally brewed and locally brewed coffee while working with Ireland’s best CBD supplier.

The result and quality of this combination now speaks for itself.

Wooden Brew invites everyone to come to our trailer in Tooban, Burnfoot, to try their CBD specialty tea and coffee, which are less than 0.2% THC.

From a commercial standpoint, Wooden Brew is also close to anyone in the Donegal, Derry and Belfast areas looking to store the best coffee in Donegal Infused with Hempful CBD, and please contact .

“The reviews so far have been really outstanding with this new product,” a Wooden Brew spokesman said.

The company has for sale commercial and retail packages of new coffee and tea with CBD infusion at various prices.

The following is a breakdown of the different teas and coffees offered by Wooden Brew:

Ground coffee with CBD infusion, retail packages
210 grams of Cerrado specialty ground coffee
With 210 mg of full spectrum CBD
30 servings / cups
7 mg of CBD per serving / cup

Wood CBD coffee with 210 mg decarboxylated full spectrum CBD oil infusion (0.0% THC)

A distinctive locally high quality roasted coffee with intense notes of sweet caramel and chocolate. Good body, well balanced with a creamy mouthfeel and relatively low acidity.

The Wooden Brew CBD Coffee:

The highest grade of the famous local beans, cheerful and cozy with a soft and sweet taste. ,. Coffee grown in this region is grown at an altitude of 200-500 meters above sea level.

Grade 1 beans: special grade beans with no primary defects

These grains are then infused with our full spectrum decarboxylated CBD which offers 210 mg of CBD per bag. Only after the CBD melting process is complete do we grind the beans (very lightly thick, perfect for non-automated coffee pistons) for the ground version.

If you like it to be hot, put on your teapot and give your mind, body, soul and taste buds a real pleasure with both or with tea and coffee.

For updates, any additional information about Wooden Brew’s new CBD coffee and tea range and opening hours, check out the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/The-Wooden-Brew-546140298837709/ or Instagram: @ thewoodenbrew

Wooden Brew’s new CBD infusion blend arrives on site last modified: November 30, 2021 per Esteve Maguire


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