Nextleaf Announces Glacial Gold to be Available from Coast to Coast

Vancouver, British Columbia – (Newsfile Corp. – November 30, 2021) – Nextleaf Solutions Ltd. (CSE: OILS) (OTCQB: OILFF) (ESF: L0MA) (“Nextleaf”, “OILS” or “Company”), a federally regulated cannabis oil producer that owns one of the largest portfolios of US patents for the extraction and distillation of cannabinoids, is pleased to offer a commercial upgrade of its Prohibition-era brand, Glacial Gold ™, which includes new products and additional products. distribution through provincial authorities.

Three new Glacial Gold vape SKUs will arrive in BC

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New Glacial Gold Products ™

Three new Vapes SKUs approved in British Columbia

Nextleaf is pleased to announce that the British Columbia Liquor and Distribution Branch (“LDB”) has approved three new vape SKUs, including two new flavors: Sunshine Punch and Sparkling Grape. The company anticipates that the product will be launched first in the province of British Columbia (“BC”), followed shortly by Saskatchewan, and nationally for patients with medical cannabis through (“Mendo”) .

CBD 100 distilled oil and CBD 200 distilled oil

Glacial Gold ™ 200 Distilled CBD Oil is the first in the medical and adult use markets of Canada, with the highest amount of CBD in a single unit (5700 mg), the highest potency of CBD available in an ingestible oil format (200 mg / g = 20%) and the best dollar value per milligram of CBD in Canada.

The company has received the initial purchase order for Glacial Gold ™ Distilled CBD 100 Oil and Distilled CBD Oil 200, and expects both products to be available in December for BC and Saskatchewan, as well as nationwide for cannabis patients. medicinal through Mendo.

British Columbia

Glacial Gold ™ continues to experience strong sales and steady demand during the first three months in the market. The company is pleased to provide the following key metrics:

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  • Since the initial launch of seven SKUs in September, the province has accepted five additional SKUs for a total of 12 provincial lists in BC.

  • More than $ 1,000,000 in gross wholesale sales in BC province

  • Retail penetration rate of 2/3 with Glacial Gold products ™ already sold to more than half of BC’s more than 370 private and government commercial establishments

  • Best Value THC Vape Cart in BC (Session Vape 1g)

  • 1: 1 maximum value vape cart in BC (anytime 1: 1 Vape 1g)

  • CBD oil of first level in BC (CBD oil 50 distilled 30 ml)

  • Oil of maximum value 1: 1 in BC (Distilled oil 30:30 30 ml)

Glacial Gold inicial’s initial vaporization line is offered in two power levels to match the consumer’s tolerance level or occasion of consumption. The THC Vape Session includes a full power THC profile for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a higher experience and connection. The Anytime 1: 1 Vape is formulated with a balanced THC and CBD profile for consumers looking for a more moderate and suitable vape. Flavors include Glacial Fresh Mint with refreshing alpine aromas found in the interior of British Columbia and Berry Lemonade, reminiscent of freshly harvested berries from the Fraser Valley.

Glacial Gold ™ CBD 50 distilled oil, THC 30 distilled oil and 30:30 distilled oil include high purity distillates in a base of organic coconut oil MCT (medium chain triglycerides) for a premium consumption experience, with no higher prices. A clean and neutral taste oil allows maximum flexibility in the occasions of use and consumption.

Nova Scotia

Nextleaf is pleased to announce that the company has been approved as a seller with Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (“NSLC”) to supply the province of Nova Scotia with Glacial Gold ™ CBD and THC products. Nextleaf expects the selected products to be available in January 2022, further enhancing brand recognition and an established national presence with coast-to-coast availability.


Nextleaf is licensed by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, the provincial regulator responsible for allowing and overseeing the operation of local cannabis wholesalers and retailers in Saskatchewan, and has a wholesale and distribution agreement with National Cannabis Distribution Inc. (“NCD”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kiaro Holdings Corp. (TSXV: KO) (“Kiaro”), for the wholesale distribution and supply of CBD and THC Glacial Gold ™ products in Saskatchewan Province. The company expects Glacial Gold ™ products to be available in Saskatchewan before the holidays.

Wholesale partner based in Quebec

Nextleaf is pleased to announce 5 Points Cannabis, a leading licensed producer in Quebec, as a new wholesale partner. 5 Points Cannabis has received approval to begin commercial distribution of its dominant and balanced CBD hashish products in the Quebec adult use market. Nextleaf supplies 5 Points Cannabis with CBD for formulation into its new hash products.

National Medicinal Cannabis Market

CBD and THC Glacial Gold ™ products are available nationwide for medical cannabis patients through, based in Quebec. Mendo operates a licensed Health Canada online portal that ships nationwide to medical and veteran patients. Nextleaf supplies Glacial Gold CBD and THC vapors and distilled oils to Mendo for distribution to its medical cannabis customers in Quebec and across Canada.

About Nextleaf®

Nextleaf is a federally regulated cannabis oil producer that owns one of the largest U.S. patent portfolios for cannabinoid extraction and distillation. Nextleaf distributes cannabis vapors and distilled oils under its award-winning Prohibition-era brand, Glacial Gold ™, and supplies cannabis distillate to its wholesale customers. Nextleaf’s automated closed-circuit extraction plant at Metro Vancouver efficiently transforms cannabis and hemp grown in BC and across Canada into industrial-grade high-purity cannabis distillates. Nextleaf is developing cannabinoid-based differentiated delivery technology and formulations through its Health Canada research license with sensory evaluation of cannabis using human testing. The company holds 17 US patents and 95 have been issued worldwide.

Nextleaf Solutions is listed as OILS on the Canadian Stock Exchange, OILFF on the OTCQB Market in the United States and L0MA on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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