Natural Stacks Plus Dream CBD and Omega CBD Review: Worth It?

CBD products are becoming a natural method to get cannabidiol in the body. Experts reveal that CBD from natural hemp can be beneficial to the human system. For example, many people take CBD to combat chronic joint pain, relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and strengthen disease-fighting mechanisms. You can take CBD in a variety of ways, including oils, tinctures, topical creams, and CBD jelly beans. It is best to get CBD products from reputable manufacturers that use high quality hemp plants from local organic growers. Many CBD products on the market may not offer you any health benefits as they contain negligible amounts of CBD. In addition, some manufacturers add toxic additives to their products that cause damage.

Natural Stacks Omega CBD and Dream CBD – What Are They?

Natural Stacks is a renowned supplement company famous for producing quality formulas. The company markets premium quality Omega CBD and Dream CBD supplements that can help you navigate calmly throughout the day and increase your quality of sleep at night. Each of these broad-spectrum CBD pills is easy to swallow and provides multiple benefits to users. Natural Stacks claim to come from all of their hemp from an organic farm in Willamette Valley, Oregon. In addition, the company claims that farms in southern Oregon are the best producers of artisanal hemp.

Key features

Omega CBD and Dream CBD are available exclusively at and nowhere else.

  • Both Dream and Omega CBD are available without a prescription
  • Dream CBD and Omega CBD are USDA licensed hemp products
  • Natural Stack uses a CO2 extraction and distillation process to ensure you get top quality CBD
  • Both contain less than 0.3% THC levels, so they can’t make you “high” or euphoric.
  • Dream and Omega CBD are free of allergens, GMOs, artificial additives, fillers and binders
  • Natural Stack states that they are unlikely to cause side effects
  • The manufacturer claims that the facilities that create Dream CBD and Omega CBD are GMP and FDA certified in the US.
  • Natural Stack states that each batch is the third verified to determine quality, potency and purity.
  • Each Dream CBD and Omega CBD have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Omega CBD Natural Pills – 300 mg


Omega CBD is a broad-spectrum CBD oil with Omega-3 oil infusion obtained from algae. It comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules. Omega-3s are fatty acids that increase the rate of absorption and effectiveness of CBD. According to Natural Stacks, if you don’t get the right omega-3s through diet formulas or your diet, only a fraction of CBD can be absorbed into your system. Fatty acids also allow CBD in the digestive tract and blood to enter the cells needed for better health. Each Omega CBD capsule has a THC level of less than 0.3 percent; therefore, you don’t need to be worthy of being euphoric or psychotic after taking this product. In addition, it is free of dangerous stimulants that lead to addiction. Also, there are no additives, fillers, preservatives and other toxins in the Omega Broad Spectrum CBD.

Benefits of Omega CBD Oil

Omega CBD oil can help fight chronic pain and inflammation as it is rich in antioxidants.

It can relieve stress and mood by regulating stress hormones

Omega CBD can increase your metabolism, which helps you start the day with high energy levels. Likewise, it can help you stay active for extended periods of time that will allow you to improve productivity.

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Natural Stacks claims that Omega CBD can increase brain function by improving concentration, focus and alertness. It can also inhibit brain fog and help you stay active.

It can promote better blood circulation and lead to better health of the heart, skin and intestines.

How to consume Omega CBD oil

Each bottle of CBD Omega contains 30 potent pills. According to the manufacturer, you should consume one capsule of Omega CBD daily in the morning before breakfast. However, Natural Stacks suggests that you should start with a half-capsule daily dose if you have never tried any CBD product. However, do not exceed the recommended dose of Omega CBD unless authorized by your doctor.


CBD Dream oil – 450 mg

CBD dream oil can help you sleep better. Natural Stack claims that Dream CBD supports better sleep and can help you wake up rejuvenated regardless of the number of hours you sleep. The broad-spectrum CBD in this product allows you to fight insomnia and helps you fall asleep faster. Each Dream CBD pill is infused with lavender + olive oil and melatonin to combat stress and anxiety while promoting the relaxation needed for quality sleep.

Benefits of Dream CBD

Dream CBD helps you fall into a deep, soothing sleep, allowing you to rejuvenate and invigorate every cell in your body for better functioning.

  • It can help you wake up refreshed no matter how many hours you spend sleeping.
  • A combination of CBD and melatonin in Dream CBD can make you sleep faster and last longer.
  • It can combat the stress and anxiety that prevent you from sleeping properly.

How to Consume Dream CBD

Natural Stack strictly recommends taking Dream CBD at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Users should not take it at any other time of the day as it induces sleep. Beginners should take half of Dream CBD pills, while experienced CBD users can take a single capsule daily to sleep better. Similarly, Natural Stack recommends staying away from drinks and foods that can affect sleep quality, such as energy drinks, coffee, and tea. In addition, Dream CBD consumers should not take more than the recommended daily dose. Also, when consuming Dream CBD capsules, do not drive or use any machinery.

Side effects of Omega CBD and Dream CBD

Natural Stack warns not to consume more than the recommended daily dose. If you have any questions about the dose, the manufacturer recommends consulting your doctor. In general, Omega CBD and Dream CBD are 100% natural ingredients, so they are unlikely to cause adverse reactions. However, in the unlikely event that any of these Natural Stack products make you sick, it is best to get medical help and stop the doses. Also, do not take these CBD products if you have any medications unless your doctor authorizes them.

When can I expect results?

Natural Stack claims that the results of using Dream CBD or Omega CBD are instantaneous. After taking Omega CBD in the morning, the manufacturer claims that you will feel more active and pain free in about 20 minutes. Likewise, in 20-30 minutes after consuming Dream CBD, you will fall into a deep, restful sleep. However, Natural Stack recommends consuming these CBD products for about three months to improve health.


What if Omega CBD and Dream CBD don’t work?

Natural Stack warns that people’s results differ. However, if these CBD capsules do not provide the suggested results, you can return them free to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase. The manufacturer assures you that they will give you a full refund. However, you will incur shipping costs for return bottles. Natural Stack recommends contacting customer service using the phone number or email address on the official website for refunds.


You can only buy Omega CBD and Dream CBD on the official sales page of Natural Stack. The manufacturer warns that any other site that claims to sell these products is illegitimate. Also, buying at guarantees you get genuine and quality products.

Final word

Omega CBD and Dream CBD are dietary supplements that can increase your well-being. Omega CBD charges your metabolism and keeps you energized throughout the day. On the other hand, Dream CBD induces sleep and helps you achieve uninterrupted, quality sleep so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed the next day.

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