Introducing New Black Dahlia Alchemy CBD Fragrance Collection

On September 22, Black Dahlia was introduced Alchemy, your first collection of handmade fragrances with CBD to transform your mood and improve your wellness routine.

Somnium and Excitant are a provocative pair of CBD infused fragrances formulated with a collection of multiple aromatic compounds that can affect cognition, mood, and aromatherapy-related behavior and the generally recognized effects of fragrances. on mood, physiology, and behavior. Each 30 ml bottle contains 60 mg of CBD oil derived from broad-spectrum hemp specially formulated by Black Dahlia.

The collection has been developed under the olfactory direction of Kaya Sorhaindo, of Studio Folie, who for the last 15 years has been committed to using smell as a means to delve into the emotional kinesthetic experience of art. . Kaya worked with talented perfumers to craft Alchemy fragrances by combining various notes around the CBD to reach its final shape. In addition to these and other botanical ingredients, Alchemy fragrances are integrated with extracts of natural hemp plants containing CBD to increase the aromatherapeutic benefits of these fragrances.

Discover the fragrances:

Go deeper with Sleep

Somnium, meaning “dream” in Latin, Somnium offers a rich portal to possibility and chance, an aroma to unlock deep thoughts, romance and discovery.

Superior: Davana oil, neroli, basil, black currant, pink grapefruit

Color: Jasmine sambac, peony, cedar wood, amber

Foundation: Musk, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla

Experience your awakening with Exciting

The meaning of “wake up” in Latin, Exciting, will awaken your senses, focus your mind, and elevate your spirit.

Superior: Lemon, ginger, bergamot, pink pepper

Color: Cardamom oil, rose, violet, davana

Foundation: Cedar wood, musk, oak moss

Alchemy Somnium and Exciting, $ 170 each, are now available at Follow @blackdahliacbd for the latest brand news and releases.

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