Claudia Winkleman on sleep deprivation and poor eyesight – symptoms

The bubbly and sarcastic presenter joined the BBC One dance show in 2004, but even after 17 years, the star says her nerves overwhelm her. it doesn’t help the fact that the star can barely read an autocue. In a past interview, Claudia revealed that it was thanks to the daily use of CBD oil that she was able to conquer her nerves and sleep peacefully.

Addressing her sleep problems at The Sun, Claudia said, “If you ever see Tess doing the show with something with a big sleeve, it’s because I hurt her arm where I squeezed her because I’m so nervous.

“I can’t do this right now, but I’m very scared.

“Not because I think I’m doing anything important, I’m not in bushes with a scalpel, but because I don’t want to drop this magical team, which is what they are.

“On live TV, we’re little gears and if you go off-track and talk too long, you’re ruining it for everyone.”

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In addition to her nerves, Claudia has to fight the deterioration of her sight, which she said is totally “embarrassing.”

Addressing his bad eyesight, he said, “I can’t even begin to tell you how blind I am. It’s embarrassing. I can’t read the autocue.

“My eyes have deteriorated so much that I’m not destined to drive. I’m doing the wrong job.”

In order to save what was left of her sight, Claudia booked an appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, which turned out to be one of the best decisions she could have made, as she quickly underwent laser eye surgery.


Following the form, Claudia became extremely nervous about the surgery, asking doctors about all possible side effects.

Claudia said, “I booked the doctor and she told me how they’re going to do it. I had to ask her a few questions like, ‘Am I going to die?’ – to which she laughed at me – and , ‘Could I get my eye out and shoot?’ He replied, “You’re very hooked but very funny.”

“I handed over my credit card. He gave me something huge and said you have to read it. I said I can’t.

“It was a terrifying time, but the operation changed lives.

“I am very grateful to the fantastic staff at Moorfields [Hospital]”, added.

With her eyes fixed, Claudia began to deal with her sleep deprivation. Speaking to The Mirror, Claudia explained that it was the coronavirus blockade that did not help her sleep schedule.

“In confinement, all of a sudden everyone was home. I wasn’t sleeping, I was snoring and not my usual self,” he explains.

After months of suffering, Claudia suddenly found solace in a shocking product: cannabis.

In fact, the star loved the products so much that she became an ambassador. It is important to note that the star takes a non-intoxicating capsule-shaped cannabis compound, known as CBD.

“Until the blockade, I hadn’t even heard of CBD,” he says. “Don’t ask me anything about science [sic] because I have no idea, but it works for me.

“My smart and brilliant cousin Sara sent me these Cannaray CBD capsules to try. I would take two of them every night and in a week I felt so much more with a uniform keel. I’ve never slept like that. Now it’s not just one nap a day, it’s a super nap. CBD has become part of my diet the same way I brush my teeth. “

According to Healthline, CBD has multiple health benefits, such as relieving pain and reducing anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that CBD reduces chronic pain by affecting what are known as endocannabinoid receptors. In addition, CBD is reported to reduce inflammation and interact with neurotransmitters to relieve conditions such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

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