Brit footballer Billy Hood’s heartbroken parents plead for his release on his birthday as he languishes in Dubai jail

The parents of the British footballer who is locked up in Dubai have demanded his release on his 25th birthday.

Billy Hood’s heartbroken mother, Breda, and father, Alexander, gathered with their fans yesterday at Dubai’s largest luxury property exhibition in London and demanded the release of the 24-year-old.

Breda Hood outside the London real estate exhibition


Breda Hood outside the London real estate exhibition
Billy was sentenced to 25 years in prison


Billy was sentenced to 25 years in prisonCredit: Facebook

“It’s Billy’s birthday,” Breda told the crowd at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge.

“He is 25 years old and has been imprisoned in a Dubai prison for 25 years.

“We just want to wish him a happy birthday and there’s a lot of love for him and we’re always thinking about him.”

Billy’s father, Alexander, told the crowd that the family wanted “justice for all those people who are imprisoned in this place that is supposed to be a dream.”

He continued, “Dubai, dreams of what? Dreams of hell, the place is. Take them all home, please. Please take him home.”

Then, the fans threw balloons as they sang happy birthday and demanded Billy’s release.

Last month, Billy was sentenced to 25 years in prison after police found four small bottles of harmless CBD oil in his car.

The bottles were left by a friend Billy had left at the airport.

With this horrible sentence, it means he will remain in Dubai’s most notorious prison until his 49th birthday.

On Thursday, Breda spoke to The Sun about her fears that she may never see her son again.

“It feels unreal,” he said.

“There are no words in the dictionary to say how I felt [about the sentencing] or what I am still feeling. It still sticks in my head.

“He was 25? Why? You took his life.”

Breda first learned of what happened to Billy in early February after his friends had reported the football coach’s disappearance.

A few days after making the inquiries, Billy’s friends told his older brother Alex that he had been arrested.

“We thought it wouldn’t be an important thing,” Breda explained. “That’s why we didn’t make it public for eight or nine months.

“Billy kept saying ‘don’t worry about it, it’ll be fixed.’

“It was stupid. We laughed a little. I know it sounds silly now, but that’s what we did. We just thought it was going to be fixed and he’ll be back home soon.”

The verdict of Billy’s appeal is due to be announced next Tuesday, however, Breda has no high hopes for what could happen.

“I won’t live up to my hopes,” he said.

“But I don’t know. That’s the scariest thing about them, it’s that I don’t know. They play so many mental games.”


Dubai – based CEO Radha Stirling said: “The UAE can no longer market luxury properties in London without interruption.

“If the FCDO does not sufficiently warn citizens of the risks involved in traveling or investing in Dubai, this message should be sent directly to potential future victims of the Gulf nation.

“The Dubai Luxury Property Show 2021 sells more than 10,000 properties and we know from experience that many of these investors will end up losing their savings, their freedom and even their lives.

“The British government should encourage the UAE to modernize its justice system to reflect its horizon, rather than help them cover up the abuses. That should be stopped.”

The UAE prosecutor’s office said: “Mr Hood was convicted on the basis of evidence that included items found in his possession, information on his phone, statements from third parties and his own confession.

“Mr Hood had access to an English interpreter at all relevant stages, including his interrogation, confession and trial. He was represented at his trial by a defense lawyer he selected.

“Since then, Mr Hood has appealed the initial decision in accordance with UAE law and will receive a hearing in the Abu Dhabi Court. At all times, Mr Hood has been treated in accordance with United Arab Emirates law and applicable international standards “.

Breda with a younger Billy


Breda with a younger BillyCredit: Breda Hood
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